The Mustang Timeline
May 17, 2018 By ford

Legendary performance combined with timeless design. The Ford Mustang is an iconic American car that has built a reputation based on its blistering performance. As the pioneer of the “pony” car, the Ford Mustang is the true definition of American muscle.

The Inauguration of Mustang

In 1964, the first Ford Mustang was launched. On the outside, the 1964 and 1965 had similar design cues, but if you looked at some of the ‘65’s key styling elements, the distinction between the two was noticeable. A year after the first model was produced, the Ford Mustang GT was launched.

The Mustang II

10 years after the production of the 1964 Mustang, the second-generation Mustang was produced. The Mustang II featured new updates which included a 4-cylinder engine, a smaller and lighter body and went on to become the fastest-selling Mustang post 1967

Introduction of the Fox-Platform

In 1979, the third-generation Mustang was launched. With an all-new design and a broader shoulder line, the 1979 was bigger, better and substantially faster. Based on the larger Fox platform which was initially developed for the 1978 Ford Fairmount, body styles included a coupe, hatchback, and convertible. One of the most noticeable changes to the car was its front end, which didn’t include the pony emblem.

The Renaissance of the Pony Emblem

In 1994, Mustang debuted its first major redesign in over a decade. Based on an improved and updated version of the Fox platform, the Fourth-gen Mustang incorporated design elements from earlier. For the first time in since the 1964 model was launched, a notchback coupe body style was unavailable. Furthermore, this is the model in which Ford reintroduced the pony emblem on the grille.

The Modernised Mustang

In 2005, the Fifth-generation Mustang was launched.  In terms of looks, the Fifth-gen Mustang combined classic design elements with a modernised finish. Key styling elements included rounded headlights, a slightly slanted front-grille and squarer dimensions. In order to improve overall performance and agility – Ford introduced the D2C Mustang platforms

Today’s Mustang

50 years after the first Mustang was produced, Ford launched the sixth-generation Mustang. Changes included a broader body a lowered suspension and an updated interior with a wide series of creature comforts.  Available in three engine options, the sixth-gen Mustang is coupled with either a Getrag 5-speed manual or 6-speeed automatic suspension with paddle shifters.

As a market leader and pioneering automaker, Ford continues to strive on improvement, innovation to help you Go Further, and the Ford Mustang is an embodiment of our mission statement.

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