The Classy Ford Fiesta
April 28, 2017 By ford

When it comes to innovative design, world class technology, and exceptional fuel economy and better yet, still affordable, you can trust Ford vehicles to “go further” and deliver, always.

With exquisite style and some of the most advanced technological features offered in a hatchback, there’s so many great reasons to find the latest Ford Fiesta awe-inspiring.

An innovative, mid-sized car with an energetic personality, ready to take you on the road with confidence.

With great agility and sprightly performance, you can drive with confidence in the Fiesta, and zip through city streets like a boss. With an unflinching grille, and a sharp nose, the latest Fiesta has a swaggering smirk that complements the entire body of the vehicle.

Inside, the Fiesta is the sporty, and relatively spacious for a hatch in its class,

With Ford’s EcoBoost technology, quality performance with improved fuel economy is what you can expect from the latest Fiesta. Not only is the Fiesta generous on fuel, but still manages to deliver great performance, with great ride comfort.

Safety comes standard with the latest Fiesta. Fully equipped with advanced safety features, to ensure maximum protection for driver and vehicle occupants, at all times.

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