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Since its inauguration in 2003, the Ford Everest has made quite a lasting impression on Ford enthusiasts in Africa, where customer demand has escalated to new heights. With ongoing production of Ford vehicles in South Africa, we will be seeing Ford’s new Ford Everest assembled at Ford’s Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria. There will be […]

Designed for the most adventurous challenges, the new Everest is a car you can trust to get you there, even if it means getting there through the mud, snow, rocks and water. Pronounced by a firm stance, with modern dimensions, rounded contours, and a noticeable chrome grille, the Everest is a high standing SUV sure […]

Ford: Brief History
September 14, 2016 By ford

For over a 100 years, Ford has been a front-runner and a major role player in the innovation and evolution of the automotive industry. The Ford Motoring Company, founded by Henry Ford, was incorporated in 1903, and Mr. Ford had a vision to build safe and efficient transportation, which could be affordable to the general […]