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The Mustang Timeline
May 17, 2018 By ford

Legendary performance combined with timeless design. The Ford Mustang is an iconic American car that has built a reputation based on its blistering performance. As the pioneer of the “pony” car, the Ford Mustang is the true definition of American muscle. The Inauguration of Mustang In 1964, the first Ford Mustang was launched. On the […]

The Furious Ford Ranger Raptor
April 30, 2018 By ford

When it comes to designing rugged and capable pick-up trucks, Ford always come out on top. And just when you thought the Ranger was as good as it gets, Ford decides to produce an off-road version of the popular pick-up truck. Introducing the Ford Ranger Raptor. Design: On the exterior, every detail of the Ford […]


Combining bold styling with a well-appointed cabin and class-leading engine technology, the Ford EcoSport is the ultimate balance of functionality and intelligent design. If you’ve ever pondered whether or not the EcoSport is a good vehicle: We’ve listed a few reasons why the EcoSport is an excellent car. Clever design In terms if styling, the […]

Ford Everest Limited 3.2 6AT 4WD
January 22, 2018 By ford

The Ford Everest Limited 3.2 6AT 4WD is the top spec model for the latest iteration of the Everest. With improved driving dynamics, more power and better creature comforts, the latest Everest is an evolutionary result of its predecessor. The new generation Everest takes its design cues from the Ford Ranger and almost looks identical […]

The 2017 Shelby Super Snake
November 16, 2017 By ford

Novel Ford brings you the best of Ford’s new, pre-owned and demo cars in Namibia. It’s no secret that Ford has always been synonymous with performance, and now they have produced one of the rarest supercars in the world. Introducing the magnificent, the all-so-powerful 2017 50th Anniversary Shelby Super Snake. Designed, and engineered for the […]

Novel Ford: The 2017 Ford GT
October 31, 2017 By ford

At a glance, the 2017 Ford GT is unmistakably the most distinguished Ford vehicle when it comes to design. And oh…did we mention that it’s Ford fastest production car ever built? The last classic supercar Ford produced was the Le Mans 1-2-3 – which was 50 years ago. Now Ford has produced a car that […]

The all-new Tourneo Connect
May 31, 2017 By ford

The all-new Ford Tourneo is part of Ford’s MPV range, and comes in to the Ford family, making quite an impression on consumers. The Tourneo Connect’s pioneering design, and ergonomics are designed to make life more convenient and everyday life more practical. This reliable, five-seater MPV is the quintessence of practicality and efficiency. Inside, the […]

The Classy Ford Fiesta
April 28, 2017 By ford

When it comes to innovative design, world class technology, and exceptional fuel economy and better yet, still affordable, you can trust Ford vehicles to “go further” and deliver, always. With exquisite style and some of the most advanced technological features offered in a hatchback, there’s so many great reasons to find the latest Ford Fiesta awe-inspiring. An […]

Take it to the B-MAX
March 7, 2017 By ford

First thing that comes to mind when thinking about the new Ford B-MAX, is future technology, pioneering design, and undeniable class. For over a century, Ford has constantly thrived on improvement, and innovation without compromising quality. If you’re looking for the proof in the pudding, just take a look at the new B-MAX. The B-MAX […]

The Fiery Focus RS
January 31, 2017 By ford

They say, “with great power comes great responsibility” and when it comes to power, the all-new exciting Ford Focus RS exudes power. The all-new exciting Ford Focus RS, is the Sportiest car in the Focus family, and is one of the most powerful cars in its category. Sported with a unique, 19” wheel design, and […]